ClickBank is a favorite among vendors and affiliates alike because of its simplicity and reliability:

Easyclickmate is a ClickBank Vendor tool designed specifically to help you manage your clickBank affiliates.

For ClickBank Vendors:
ClickBank will handle all the affiliate tracking and affiliate payment FOR you. No need to stress with accounting and cutting checks every month. You concentrate marketing your products and make more money. ClickBank will do all the ‘admin’ stuff for you.

For ClickBank Affiliates
For affiliates, Clickbank is a dream come true. You can promote as many vendors (over 10,000+ vendors) as you wish, BUT your commissions (from all these vendors) are consolidated into 1 single check issued by ClickBank.

AND, you can be assured that your commission checks will be paid on time, everytime. No delays, and no worries of not being paid.

ClickBank’s Limitation
However, there is a limitation within ClickBank’s infrastructure.

As a vendor, you can list up to 500 different products (or price points) in your ClickBank account – but you can only list 1 landing page for your affiliates.

This is fine if you only have 1 product to sell – but if you have 2 or more products, each on their own websites – then your affiliates have no way to send visitors directly to those products.

The Solution: EasyClickMate

EasyClickmate is a tool designed to overcome this single landing page limitation. It has an affiliate center where you can provide custom links, and marketing resources to your affiliates.

You can read all about the features and functions of easyClickmate in this blog. No hype, just the facts.

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