Affiliate Stats Page

This page will show you your top performing affiliates.

At a glance, you can see how many hits each affiliate has sent you, how many sales and the conversion ratio of each affiliate.

This page has 2 ratios – “Average Ratio” and “Conversion Ratio”.

  • Conversion ratio: affiliate’s own performance (affiliate’s sales/affiliate’s traffic)
  • Average Ratio: the affiliate’s performance in relation to the TOTAL sales.

Some example of reading the ratios:

High “Conv Ratio” is very high, but low “Average Ratio” – this indicates that the affiliate has done an excellent job in pre-selling, but does not have much traffic. To help this affiliate, perhaps you can suggest some traffic generating tips for him/her.

If the affiliate’s “Average Ratio” is higher than his “Conv. Ratio”, then this may indicate that the affiliate has massive traffic, but his pre-sell copy could be improved upon.

Base on these 2 tips alone, you can help your affiliates accordingly.

Create Custom Message to your Affiliates
You can customize the “Congrats!” message to your affiliates
by clicking on the “create custom affiliate message” link.

A pop-up window will appear. Enter your message and click ‘save’.
That message will be be sent to your affiliates whenever they make a sale.

Edit / Delete an Affiliate
If you click on the “Display ALL” link, the page will change and display the sign-up date of the affiliates as well as a link to edit each affiliate’s info.

See the screenshot below:

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