ClickBank’s 1 Click Upsell Tutorial – Part 2

In this short tutorial, we’ll look at how to configure the ClickBank 1-Click-Upsell Flow.

But before we dive in, you need to know that the ‘upsell products’ are actually your existing items (products) in ClickBank that has been approved.

For example, let’s say you have 3 products in your ClickBank account:

  • Widget A (item #1)
  • Widget B (item #2)
  • Widget C (item #3)

Let’s say you want to offer your customers who purchased Widget A an Upsell product.

This Upsell Product can be item #2 (Widget B) or item #3 (widget C).

OR, you can create another product, eg. Widget D (item #4) for the Upsell item.

Let’s get started. Login to your ClickBank account.

Click on “Account Settings” –> “My Products”.

If your account has been approved for the 1-Click-Upsell feature, you will see a GREEN tab on the products page. See the screenshot below:


Click on the “Upsell Flows” tab and then click on the “Add New Flow” tab to begin configuring your 1-Click-Upsell flow process.

Look at the configuration page below:

Note the 3 column:

  • Offer 1
  • Offer 2
  • Offer 3

On the 1st column (Offer 1), there’s a Select link. Click on it and you can choose which product (item) as your 1st upsell product. See the screenshot below.

Click “Save”.

Now, after your customers have paid for the initial item, they will see the the 1st upsell item (Offer 1) that you’ve just configured above.

Your customers can either ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ your offer.

The 2nd column (Offer 2) is where you decide the next step should your customer accept/decline your 1st upsell offer.

End Flow | Select <-- Offer 2 options

If they accept your 1st upsell offer, you can offer them another upsell (Offer 2). To do this, click on the “Select” link. A pop-up window will appear where you can select another item for offer #2.

Similarly, if they decline your 1st upsell offer, you can choose to offer them a lower-priced upsell item by clicking on the “Select” link.

You can continue this process (depending on whether your customer accepts/decline your 2nd offer) by offering them another (3rd) upsell.

OR, if you want to end the upsell flow, just click on the “Close” link (upper right corner). See the screen shot below.

Note: If you only have 1 upsell, you can click on this ‘Close’ link after selecting an item in the Offer 1 column

Next – How to add the 1-Click-Upsell Flow into your sales funnel in Part 3




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