ClickBank’s 1 Click Upsell Tutorial – Part 3

This is Part 3 (final part) of the ClickBank’s 1-Click-Upsell Flow Tutorial where you learn how to add the Upsell flow to your sales funnel.

After you’ve created the 1-Click-Upsell flow (in part 2), it will be in ‘pending approval status’. You need to click on the “Request Approval” link as shown in the screenshot below.

Once approved, the 1-Click-Upsell flow will be activated and you can attach it to ANY of your existing products in ClickBank.

The mechanics of attaching the approved 1-Click-Upsell Flow is simple – you just append:
?cbfid=[FLOW-ID] to your order link.

For example:

In the example above, you have just attached Flow ID: “201” to item #1 in your ClickBank.

If you are using easyClickmate – you also need to append the “cbfid” to the order link, like this:

Note: The Flow ID (from what I can see) is a ‘running’ number in ClickBank. Each 1-click-upsell flow created by ANY vendor will increment the flow ID by 1. In other words, if you create a flow today, the flow ID may be 371. Tomorrow, if you were to create another Upsell Flow, the ID could be 384 or some other number.

After the customer has paid for item #1, ClickBank will display the “Upsell Pitch Page” to them – something like the following:


On that Upsell Pitch Page, you need to the following Upsell Payment Links:

  • Accept:
  • Decline:

Assuming we have decided to use item #4 as the ‘upsell’ item, then the link would be:

Accept Upsell
Decline Upsell

That’s it. You should be able to configure your own 1-Click Upsell Flow now.

If you need more information, please refer to the ClickBank resource page here.




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