How to setup products in ClickBank?

Login to your ClickBank account.

Then, click on the “Account Settings” => “My Products”.

You will see something like the screenshot below:

By default, the “standard products” tab will be highlighted. This is for standard, 1 time purchases (not recurring products).

Click on the green button (Add New Product) to add your new/first product.

You will then see the following interface:

Enter the details of your products, e.g. product name, price, etc.

Pay particular attention to the Thankyou Page.

This URL should point to the easyClickmate thankyou URL, i.e.
(replace ‘’ with your actual domain)

Then, click on the “green checkmark” to request product approval from ClickBank.

Finally, you need to insert the actual download URL/page in the easyclickmate control panel.

(see this related post: how to configure products in easyclickmate)

The purchase process looks like this:

customer sales page Clickbank payment ezGthankyou.php your actual download page.

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