How does it work?

As mentioned in the “Overview” page, you can list up to 500 different products in your ClickBank account. BUT you can only list 1 landing page for your affiliates.

This (1 landing page) is fine if you are selling only 1 product, but if you have 2 or more products, each on their own website – then your affiliates have no way to send visitors directly to those products.

Here’s how a typical affiliate hoplink looks like:

Visitors hoplink ClickBank hoplink target URL

Your affiliates can only send visitors to the landing page you specify in the Hoplink Target URL field in your Clickbank account.

See the example screenshot below:

hoplink target url

In the example above, affiliates can only send visitors to

They have no way to send traffic directly to my other products –,, etc.

ClickBank + EasyClickmate

With easyClickmate, the process becomes:

Visitors affiliate link ClickBank easyClickmate Product Page(s)

In order to ‘activate’ easyClickmate, you just need to change the hoplink target URL to EasyClickmate’s link as shown in the screenshot below:

easyclickmate  target url

Now, when affiliates send visitors to your site, ClickBank will redirect those visitors to easyClickmate which will then redirect the visitor to the individual product pages (websites) as defined in the easyClickmate Control panel.

The Product Page(s) are defined in the easyClickmate’s Control panel.

See the screen shot below:

adding products in easyClickmate

So, depending on which product your affiliates want to promote, easyClickmate will redirect the visitors to the CORRECT sales page (product page)



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