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ClickBank’s 1 Click Upsell Tutorial – Part 1

A normal ClickBank purchase process goes like this:

Customers Order Payment Confirmation Page Thankyou page

A single purchase (non 1-click-upsell) Clickbank Confirmation Page looks like this:


With the ClickBank 1-Click-Upsell enabled, the process flow becomes:

Customers Order Payment Upsell Page(s) Confirmation Page Thankyou page(s)


If you notice the 1-click-upsell flow above, instead of showing the “Confirmation Page”, the buyer will see the Upsell Pitch Page. See an example of the ‘upsell pitch page’ below:


If the customer decides to take up your offer, he/she does NOT need to enter the credit card details again – instead, ClickBank will automatically charge the customer’s card for the upsell product and display the “Confirmation page” – see the example below:


Look at the 1-click-upsell confirmation page closely – you will notice there are 2 GREEN buttons to download both products.

The customer clicks on the first green button to download the first item purchased. Clicks on the 2nd green button to download the upsell item.

The customer will also receive 2 receipts – one for the initial product, and another receipt for the upsell product.

In Part 2, we’ll look at how to create the Upsell Pitch Page(s) and how to configure the ClickBank 1-Click-Upsell Flow Tutorial – Part 2




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