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ClickBank’s 1-Click-Upsell Flow Resources

Before you can use the ClickBank 1-Click-Upsell feature, you need to apply for it and get approval first.

You can do that at this page:

1 Click-Upsell Application / Tutorial

The criterias for 1-click-upsell approval are:

  • ClickBank client for a minimum of six months
  • Made over 5000 sales through ClickBank
  • Lifetime chargeback rate must be 0.6% or lower
  • Lifetime refund rate must be 10% or lower
  • Maximum price of each upsell product must be $500 or less
  • Recurring billing products can be part of the flow, but the sale will not be “one click”
  • The application form is at the bottom of that page.

    NOTE: Check out the 3 different upsell flow diagram on that page. It will give you ideas on how to configure your 1-click-upsell flow.




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