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WishListMember & EasyClickMate

Quick Integration Summary

This quick integration guide assumes that you have already setup and configured both easyClickmate (ECM) and WishList Member (e.g. stuff like setting up the IPN url, Secret key, etc have been done)

Step 1:
Login to Easyclickmate’s admin panel – and insert WishList (WLM) thankyou URL into the product download field. You need to obtain the WLM’s thankyou URL from WishList admin panel first.

Step 2:
Login to your ClickBank account and use EasyClickmate’s thankyou link, e.g. http://yoursite.com/ezGthankyou.php

That’s it.

The process looks like this:

Customers WLM Order ClickBank easyClickmate WishList Thankyou

After completing the purchase, Clickbank will forward the customer to easyClickmate (ezGthankyou.php) which will process the customer data before redirecting the customer to WishList Member.

All the customer and purchase data from Clickbank will be forwarded to WishList member for further processing.

You need to use WishList Member’s order link format, i.e. with the additional sku parameter. It looks like this:

(where ‘zzzzzzz’ is some arbitrary numbers generated by WLM)

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